The Greatest Star Trek Captain – Early Starfleet Era

Star Trek is the most influential TV series in history, inspiring astronauts like Chris Hadfield and technologists like Steve Jobs to change the world. It’s underlying morals and sense of a better future has captured the imaginations of millions. In this blog, we’re going to look at who the greatest captain of them all is.

Jonathan Archer

Archer was the captain of Earth’s first warp-five capable ship and his idea became the United Federation of Planets. There are no captains who have had as much of an influence on the Star Trek universe as Jonathan Archer. He stood his ground when the Vulcans were going to stop Starfleet’s exploration project for decades, mind-melded with Sarek and was the first human to visit the Klingon homeworld, Quo’noS. Regarded as the greatest explorer of the 22nd Century he was personally selected by Daniels, a 31st Century Starfleet officer to assist in the temporal cold war. He became an admiral and chief of staff at Starfleet and later went on to serve a full 8 years as President of the United Federation of Planets.


James T Kirk

James T Kirk was a one-of-a-kind Starfleet officer. At Starfleet Academy, he became the only cadet ever to win the Kobayashi Maru test where every outcome is a no-win situation. He got around this by reprogramming the computer so that he could win. This sums up the mettle of the man. He was Starfleet’s youngest ever captain, taking command of the USS Enterprise at age 32. Inaccurately labelled a ladies’ man, Kirk’s only love was for his ship and crew and was the first Starfleet captain to return with his ship from their five-year mission. He viewed Starfleet’s regulations as malleable and was famous for bending the rules and was well known to Starfleet Temporal investigations as “the worst offender in Starfleet history” with 17 temporal violations. Despite these violations, he still became an Admiral and Head of Starfleet operations before being demoted back to Captain in Star Trek IV for directly disobeying orders. In his time in Starfleet, he made more first contacts than any other captain – a record that stood until around 100 years later when Kathryn Janeway beat his record.


Gabriel Lorca

I’ve included Lorca because Discovery is part of the Star Trek universe now, despite what you may think of the series. Spoilers ahead – do not read on if you have not watched Discovery. He started the series as a mysterious asshole and then we find out he’s from the mirror universe and he turns into a generic bad guy with added paedophilic grooming tendencies. It’s still up in the air whether Jason Isaacs will return for the second series, so we’ll have to wait to see if he signs on for another series. I hope he does, as for me he was the only character that was in any way interesting in Discovery, and I hope the non-mirror version gets a bit of meat put on his bones.